About “Cagri Beklen”

Çağrı Beklen is a critically-acclaimed Turkish composer and musician based in Vienna, Austria. Beklen’s career spans several decades, with his work ranging from classical composition, jazz and rock guitar performance to conservatory tuition. He has composed music for over 40 productions and has received eight awards to date.

Beklen grew up in Turkey and moved to Vienna at the age of 18 to pursue a career as a composer and musician. He studied jazz guitar for three years at the Franz Schubert Conservatory for Music and Drama under Prof. Susanna Mazakarinni and began his composition studies at the Prayner Conservatory for Music and Drama shortly after – an education spanning twelve years under internationally-acclaimed composers such as Wolfram Wagner, Ulf-Diether Soyka and Josef Stolz.

Beklen’s career as a composer began in 2006 with a commission from the Theater of Kocaeli Municipality for Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio. Beklen has received further commissions from Turkish state theatres, Istanbul Theater Festival and universities, allowing him to work with some of the greatest names in the Turkish theatre scene.

Beklen has also received numerous prestigious awards and nominations for his compositions and has most recently been the recipient of the 2017 Direklerarası Audience Award, 5th Yeni Tiyatro Dergisi Award and Üstün Akmen Theater Award for Best Theater Music for his compositions for ‘Coriolanus’ and ‘Kundakçı’.

His nominations for ‘Best Music’ include the annual Afife Theater Awards and nominations in previous years for the Üstün Akmen Theater Awards and Yeni Tiyatro Dergisi Awards.

Beklen returned to his native Turkey from 2006-2007 to teach guitar and solfeggio at Conservatory of Kocaeli Municipality and again from 2013-2015 at University of Kocaeli as a tutor in the Faculty of Fine Arts Music Department and State Conservatory. In 2019, Beklen began teaching Composition and Film Music at the Franz Schubert Conservatory for Music in Vienna.

As well as being a successful composer and teacher, Beklen has played guitar and bass in numerous bands including Details, Ahududu, Matthew Marth Quartet and most recently Beklen Band, a shared project with his wife Tuğba Yağmur, a vocalist.

Çağrı Beklen believes that experience, effort and passion is more valuable than academic experience and he has proved this as a successful philosophy through his varied and lucrative career. His commitment to earning a living through music alone has allowed him to experience both unconventional opportunities and a traditional line of work. He believes that through the teaching of music, both teacher and pupil can develop their abilities greatly. In the coming years, Beklen hopes to continue composing for commissions, write more music for his band and release music with duos, quartets and for film and media.

Antonia Sulley

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