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Audio Engineer

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More than 25 years of experience on studio recording, mixing and live gigs as FOH and Monitor engineer.

Since my graduation from SAE Austria, Wien, I’ve been working as a recording and mixing engineer for a number of studios and as a FOH and Monitor engineer for various performance artists.

I’ve worked as the manager and chief engineer for Babajim Istanbul Studios &Mastering, one of the busiest studios in Istanbul for 8 years. Meanwhile, I gave lectures at SAE Istanbul regularly.

I’ve been the regional project manager for the US based mastering studio Sterling Sound since 2006.

I am currently living in Tekirova, Antalya, working on Mixing projects in my home studio whenever I’m not touring.


Freelance audio engineer

  •  May 1993 - Present


Assistant Engineering Program

  •  SAE Wien
  •  Sep 1995 - May 1996