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Audio Engineer, Composer

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After a short period of conservatory training in Istanbul and Vienna (Opera, Jazz Singing), I completed my education in the School of Audio Engineering (SAE Wien) Austria 1993.

I’ve been working as a freelance recording and mixing engineer, sound designer for films and as a FOH engineer for various solo artists, bands and orchestras.

With the establishment of my first studio, in 2000, as a composer, I began to produce music for commercials, movies and TV Series.

With more than 25 years of experience as a sound engineer and composer in the music and film scene of Turkey, in parallel with my studio projects, I still continue to work for interdisciplinary live performances internationally.

I am currently living and working in London, UK.


Freelance Audio Engineer

  •  Sep 1993 - Present

Composer, Audio Editor, FOH Engineer

  •  Jun 1996 - Present

Founder / Sound Engineer & Composer

  •  Endlore Music and Sound Production Ltd
  •  Dec 2020 - Present

I founded Endlore Music and Sound Production in 2020 in London. I still work here as a composer, sound engineer and lecturer. The services I provide under Endlore Music & Sound Production are; composing music for movies Tv Series, documentaries, commercials, games, social media projects, businesses and theatres etc. Live concert engineering and stage management for bands and solo artists, recording, mixing and mastering for music projects, album productions. A.D.R. (automated dialogue replacement), dubbing recording, dialogue editing, sound design and audio editing for movies, commercials, games and audiovisual projects.



  •  S.A.E (School of Audio Engineering) Vienna Austria
  •  Sep 1991 - Sep 1993