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Online hand percussion tracks, the DIY to Walt Disney Studios.

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Hello, my name is Larry. I specialize in remote sessions and offer incredible sounding percussion tracks at affordable rates. To date, I have competed over 1400 online sessions through various platforms. I have extensive credits in film/TV and have worked on projects ranging from the DIY artist to Walt Disney Studios. I offer a 100% guarantee.

I am comfortable in nearly all styles of music and treat each project as if it were my own.

I offer single instrument rates which start at $15 for songs up to four mins. Additionally I offer full build out / arrangement services which are for songs needing multiple percussion instruments, those rates start at $75 and typically include a minimum of five instruments (stems included) Best thing for an accurate rate is to send me your song and any specifics you may have for it.

I offer recording services on the following instruments (I do not offer drum set services)

Conga, bongo, castanets, doumbek, cajon, pandeiro, riq, tar,
timbales, djembe, talking  drum, udu, snare, roto toms, octobans, concert toms



Bells/Triangle. Bells from West Africa/South America and more.


Effect/quirky instruments: Gongs, cymbals, wind chimes, rainstick, Tibetan singing bowls, guiro, washboard, tuning forks, spoons, mouth harp, various tongue drums, elephant and ceremonial/ritualistic bells. electronic percussion and more.