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Onur was born in 1983. He started taking drum classes from his father when he was 6. As a child, he played at wedding receptions, and during his high school years, he played the drums with various bands in bars.

He started working with the rock singer Haluk Levent at the age of 19. He played along a numerous famous singers and musicians both on stage and in studio, such as  Demis Roussos, Atakan Ilgazdag, Hande Yener, Haluk Levent, Bengü, Ziynet Sali, Burak Kut, Hüsnü Senlendirici, Fuat Güner, Müslüm Gürses, Gökhan Türkmen, Melis Sökmen, Merve Özbey, Genco Arı, Serdar Öztop, Neset Ruacan…

Onur also plays the bass and the guitar and arranges songs.

His first single Parachute was released in 2014.

Onur Soydemir is one of Pearl Drums’, Evan Drum Heads’, Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals’, and Promark Drum Sticks’ artists.

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