FAQ | General

Frequently asked questions and answers

Instrueman is a brand new platform that allows composers and producers to easily add a human touch to their creations, whilst also allowing studio musicians, sound engineers, and other industry professionals works from their own studios to the whole world.

  •  The composer posts a job to the platform with their demands, such as the instrument, delivery time, and budget, or the composer can purchase one of the fixed-price services. 

  •  The composer is directed to the payment page and makes their payment. The funds will be transferred to the service provider with the approval of the composer at the end of the collaboration.

  •  The composer and the session musician communicate and file sharing takes place via the order page.

  •  The buyer reviews the completed work, and once the composer confirms the work is done, the funds are released to the musician’s account.

No, Instrueman membership is completely free.

Yes, Instrueman is a global platform but depending on your needs, for example you can choose to work with a vocalist only from France, a sitarist from India or a bandoneon player from Argentina. Also you can post your job in your own language.

Upon full payment of the order, the recording (including without limitation all Intellectual Property Rights in the Recording) will be the sole and exclusive property of the Composer. Session Musicians should consider this when bidding on a job.

You should send and receive all your correspondence and transfers via Instrueman (except for large files) so that we can judge in possible disputes.

Many well-known musicians present their performances to composer’s approval by adding audio-watermarks. When the employer is satisfied with the recording performance, he/she must close the job by clicking the “Completed” button on Dashboard/Ongoing Projects/View Progress/Hired Musician and then requests the Uncompressed and without watermarked HQ files from the musician.  At this point, the money in escrow is released to the musician by the system.

As Instrueman, we prefer and recommend this working process for both parties.

Providers can create a service for collaborating with others, these are not “Downloadable Services”, as well providers can sell pre-recorded videos such as accompaniment videos or an instrument course, these are “Downloadable Services”. If you want to sell a pre-recorded product, please contact us for approvement:

We call that the gigs created by service providers with their abilities and expectations as “Service” and the jobs created by composers as “Project”.

A composer can either purchase a service directly or post a job according to the needs. 

We strongly recommend that you contact the service provider to negotiate the details before purchasing, even if it is a gig that fully meets your needs.

Service Providers indicates how many rounds of revisions they offer in their services. If a gig includes the “Full Satisfaction” label , it means that the composer will not have any restrictions on revisions.

Revision means minor errors in recordings, articulation variations, and technical problems.

You must create two different accounts as an employer and a service provider. You can also create an “Employer” account for your company.

We would like Instrueman to be a safe and professional platform for all our members. We prefer that all our members who care about this situation, like us, receive the “Identity Verified” badge.

Submitting proposals to new jobs and accepting direct hires will be possible with ID verification. We do not sell any of the information you submit to us. After the verification, the image you submit to verify your identity is immediately deleted from our servers.

By using your name/surname instead of your nickname, adding your current social media accounts to your Instrueman account, submitting image one of the documents such as passport, national ID card, driver’s license, tax ID, voter ID, postal ID (or image of any other valid government-issued photo ID) you can increase your chance of getting the “Identity Verified” badge.

We are always ready to help, even for the smallest problem you could experience. We will try to serve a quick answer and the right solution to every e-mail sent to

FAQ | Composers & Producers

Frequently asked questions and answers for employers

No, it’s not. Employers do not pay any fees at Instrueman.

First of all, we strongly recommend that you quick chat the service provider before purchasing any service, even if it is a gig that you think fully matches your needs.

After the chat, you order the gig, the system holds the fund in Instrueman’s escrow system and this information is sent to the service provider by e-mail, then the process starts.

When the task is done and you are satisfied, you mark the job as “Completed” and the system releases the fund to the service provider.

You can make your payments securely via Paypal or with your credit card. Payments are transacted online through Instrueman.

You can directly accept one of the proposals and start working, or create milestones such as “Start” or “Remaining payment just before delivery” that you can submit to musicians for approval.

Confirm the agreement details on the next screen, and you will be taken to complete payment.

When you evaluate the proposals for your posted job and decide the musician you want to work with, you will be directed to the payment page. The collaboration kicks off after your payment has been made. The balance will not be sent to the Musician until you have approved the work.

Many well-known musicians present their performances to your approval by adding audio-watermarks. When the employer is satisfied with the recording performance, he/she must close the job by clicking the “Completed” button, then request the uncompressed and without watermarked HQ files from the musician.  At this point, the money in Instrueman is released to the musician by the system.

As Instrueman, we prefer and recommend this working process for both parties.

We recommend adding a simple audio-watermark with your name/company name to all transfers for both parties.

After posting a job, you can send an invitation to all the musicians you want to work with. However, you can purchase a service directly, but we recommend that first you message the service provider about availability and then order the service.

Our answer is; yes, you can. Nevertheless, if you make a change in your job post, it will be a proper move to inform the providers who have already submitted a proposal to your post before the change.

Email notification is sent to you when a seller delivers your order. You download and review the post from “Ongoing Jobs”. You approve the job or you send your requests to the service provider according to the context of the job. You should mark the finished job as “Completed” to release the fund to the service provider, otherwise after 3 days, the delivery will automatically be considered “approved”.

If a seller fails to deliver, we will provide a full refund immediately. 

In this case, we ask you to add your comment by pressing the “Dispute” button. We will review the job you have posted, your correspondence with the session musician you are working with, and all the submitted files, and we will declare our opinion to both parties. If we are convinced that you are right, we give a 100% refund.

If you think the recording does not technically match your demands and / or is not as described in the service description, you will send your explanation to us by clicking on the “Dispute” button, and we assure that we will review your request right away and if your explanation get found right, that your fund will be returned immediately.

No, you don’t have to. But the working principle we adopt in Instrueman is as follows; the employer (composer or producer) determines his own conditions and posts the job to the platform, and the service providers who are interested (session musicians, engineers, designers, etc.) makes own proposals to this task.

You can download a sample “Work For Hire” contract from here ( Session Player Release Agreement Sample ) or with a quick Google search, you can find many examples that you can adjust to your needs and ask service providers you want to work with to sign this contract.

Yes, you can cancel your order. However, right after evaluating the offers and paying for your order, the musician you want to collaborate may have started working. It is important to us to be fair to both parties. You will be considered as you’ve agreed with Instrueman’s declaration of arbitration and decision for any dispute that may arise after this point.

On the other hand, If a seller fails to deliver, notify our help desk, and we will cancel the order and provide a full refund.

Dispute Button or

You can make your payments securely through Instrueman. The payment you make is kept in Instrueman until you confirm the job and released to the musician when you mark it as “Completed”.

The online reputation of the musicians you collaborate will increase with a good review you will write to them. This allows you to be sure that they will do their best.

We do not charge any fee to you work through Instrueman.

And If something goes wrong during the working process or if you have a question, you can reach out to us anytime at

No, you won’t give up any of your rights. Instrueman is a platform that aims to bring together industry professionals. In this sense, we do not make any intellectual copyright claims regarding your work.

 Yes, all payments have invoices.

FAQ | Session Musicians

Frequently asked questions and answers for service providers

We are always looking for talented music professionals. Our expectations from Instrueman’s service providers are thorough profile pages, detailed descriptions about themself and high-quality samples from their works.

You can add information about your musical background, your studio, your recording equipment, and instrument details for this recording. You can also specify whether you are suitable for visual communication, the number of revisions you will offer, etc…

Now more than ever, we are committed to providing job seekers with the resources they need. In these difficult times that we are going through, we will try to operate with the enforceable lowest commission to support all music creators. 

Instrueman’s commission is 7% + (PayPal Standard UK transaction fee is 2.9%) on completed orders. When bidding for a job, you see the commission that Instrueman will cut and the amount of money you can get.

Additionally, our members who share their collaborations on their social media accounts will get special benefits often.

Besides Paypal, we transfer your earnings via Payoneer or with your bank information.

When your earning is reach 50$, we’ll inform you. Then sign in to your Payoneer account and click on ‘Request a Payment’. Send a Payment Request to us with and get paid.

(Note: Please consider this; your bank may charge an additional fee for transactions.)











It’s free to join and post listings on Instrueman for your range of services. All listings must have a fixed price, and must include things like:

  • How many revisions or edits are included

  • What gear you will be using

  • Representative sound or video clips

No, you don’t have to create a service, just bidding on jobs on the platform is an option as well.

This entirely depends to the service provider. There may also be created different variations of the same service with Addons

Addons allows you to expand the scope of a service you offer and create different variations (eg. total recording time, overdubs, additional instruments, more revisions, fast delivery etc.).

After full payment by employer, the recording (including without limitation all Intellectual Property Rights in the Recording) will be the sole and exclusive property of Composer. Session Musicians should consider this when bidding on a job.

We recommend adding an audio watermark with your name to the recordings you send until the composer approves your performance and marks the job as “Completed”.

The composer has 3 days to approve the delivered recording, otherwise the recording will be considered as “Approved”.

When the Employer approved the work successfully and marked as “Completed” we will send your payment to your related account in 7 days.

Yes, you can. Go to the Account Settings, activate “Vacation Mode” in the “Manage Account” tab; You are no longer visible.

Yes, you can sell pre-recorded videos. You can create “Downloadable” services with samples of your videos. If you want to sell a pre-recorded product, please contact us for approvement:

Yes, just create an account as a service provider and fill out your profile page. It is important for us to have easily accessible recording studios.

There are always circumstances where both composer and musician agree to extend delivery times.. However, keep in mind that timely delivery of orders always improves your online reputation. Also, remember that your customers have the right to withdraw their payments through our escrow system if you do not fulfil your promised terms.

Instrueman’s marketing team will select different service providers to appear on the homepage each month based on the following factors:

Positive work history
In-demand services
New or unique services

Also, since it’s our homepage, we look for members that have hi-quality performance or profile images. If you would like to be considered, reach out at

We will try to keep you informed of any work you could be interested in. First of all please make sure to follow Instrueman on all social channels.

Create your account using with high quality images, like an album cover. In your studio, a photo taken while performing is the best. We recommend using high quality .jpg files.

Add Youtube and Soundcloud links that feature your talent and recording quality.

Attend to make the description in your services very detailed and specific. The duration of the record in the gig, your recording gear, the number of revisions, etc.

When making a proposal on a job, you may consider a “Full Satisfaction” guarantee. This is a good option to facilitate getting the job, especially for new members and young, rising talents.

You will receive good reviews when you deliver your works on time and as requested. Good reviews will bring you more jobs. Always prioritize customer satisfaction.

You can also tag us in your posts about your works, your studio or your showcase on your social media accounts. So we can re-share on our social media accounts.

You can help us to improve our platform, please inform to any issue with your experience with