I was born in 1986, embarked on a musical journey at the early age of five.
I was accepted to the Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory.

During the years in conservatory I focussed on the fretless guitar and studied with Erkan Oğur (who is the inventor of fretless guitar)

I worked with Kalan Müzik Studios as composer, arranger, music director, guitarist and sound engineer between 2010-2018.
I have recorded, edited and mixed hundreds of albums which are milestones in their own genre.

Simultaneously I worked as a video editor and content creator in a graphic company.

I have produced music for many TV series, movie soundtracks and have accompanied many talented artists with guitar on stage.

After all these experiments I had, I released my album “Aşktanbul” which consists of my own songs at the end of 2017.

I have moved to London and founded Panda Production London Ltd. Company in 2021.
Now we provide Music & Video Production and post production services from London to all over the world.

Professional home studio set-up and professional level instruments. Ability to remotely record professional quality audio.

Instruments: Flute, alto flute, piccolo, alto sax, clarinet, piano

I am a professional duduk player. I studied in İstanbul Technical University Turkish Music Conservatory. My genre is wide covering from middle eastern, Armenian and Turkish folk music to meditative and contemporary.

I studied the duduk with great duduk masters Suren Asaduryan and Özcan Gül. I joined in Erkan Oğur’s and Derya Türkan’s workshops, who are two prominent representatives of Anatolian music.

It is possible to hear both Turkish and Armenian and also Ottoman Classical Music modes and patterns in my playing style. I have contributed to various albums with my duduk throughout my career. I founded the band “Canberk Ulaş Quartet” in 2015 and I released my album titled “Telafi” with this band in 2017.

I make the bodies of my duduks by myself in my atelier (workshop) and  currently working on researching & developing by experimenting different sizes and different woods on the duduk as well as making duduk tutorials on Youtube and giving duduk online lessons to duduk lovers from all over the world.

The price depends on how much time I spend for your track. Please send your track and ask for an offer.

For more information about recordings:

Recording ,

Merhaba ben Serhat Uslu.

Müzisyen bir ailenin 4. Ve oğlu evladıyım.4 temmuz 2001’de İzmir’de geldim fakat Kuşadası’nda büydüm.

Babam sayesinde keman’a başladım.Daha sonra 8. sınıfa giderken 3 haftalık bir eğitim eğitimi aldım.Ailem ve çevremin tavsiyeleri üzerin güzel sanatlar lisesi okudum.Okuduğum meyhanelerde, barlarda çalıştım.Aynı zamanada stüdyo müzisyen yapıy.Aydın Yüksel Yalova Güzel Sanatlar Lisesi 2019 senesinde mezun oldum.Mezun olduktan sonra İzmir’e taşındım ve oradaki canlı müzik mekanlarında çalıştım.

Çalıştığım isimler arasında, Cem Doğangil, Soner Aydın gibi isimler vardı.

Daha sonra Covid-19 virüsünün çıkması neden ile Kuşadası’na geri döndüm ve şuan da ailemin yanında yaşıyorum.

Güzel sanatlardan arkadaşım olan Seymen Demircioğlu ile “the 2GYPSY” isminde iki kişilik bir grup kurduk.Kendimizin şarkıları ve diğer şarkıları yeniden düzenlemek sosyal medyada paylaşıyoruz.Ve hala üretmeye devam.Şu ve ise üniversite sınavlarına hazırlanıyorum.

After a short period of conservatory training in Istanbul and Vienna (Opera, Jazz Singing), I completed my education in the School of Audio Engineering (SAE Wien) Austria 1993.

I’ve been working as a freelance recording and mixing engineer, sound designer for films and as a FOH engineer for various solo artists, bands and orchestras.

With the establishment of my first studio, in 2000, as a composer, I began to produce music for commercials, movies and TV Series.

With more than 25 years of experience as a sound engineer and composer in the music and film scene of Turkey, in parallel with my studio projects, I still continue to work for interdisciplinary live performances internationally.

I am currently living and working in London, UK.

RealDrumSessions is a remote drum-recording service with a twist, aimed primarily at professional songwriters and producers. I work with clients in real-time live online sessions, using a high-quality audio stream from my DAW and video conferencing, as if you were in a studio control room and I in the live room next door. This means you can have as much control as you like over the part-writing, performance, choice of equipment, and even mic positioning and recording techniques.

I have a huge range of boutique instruments, microphones, and preamps to choose from as well as a lot of experience both as a drummer and as an engineer and producer, across many different genres. I have a 1st-class honours BMus degree in popular music performance (drum kit) from the Royal Northern College of Music, one of the most established conservatories in the world.

I have been working with many of the most renowned musicians from Argentina such as Pedro Aznar, Rodolfo Mederos, Mario Parmisano, Patricio Villarejo, Luis Salinas, Litto Nebbia, Rata Blanca, Pablo Agri, Franco Luciani, Roberto Tapia, Marcelo Moguilevsky, Adriana Varela, César Franov and many others.

My Master is the Integration of what seems impossible to integrate (read the description below!)
My experience as a Multi-Instrumentalist in Popular & Academic Music has led me to a proficiency in the fusion of the Eastern an Western Music of the World at the highest levels of performance in Classical, Folk, Ethnic and Film music in Buenos Aires.

Need the right skills and experience to take your project to the next level?
It’s my job to get to know your goals and find the perfect solution for you. Let’s talk!

Robert Karasek is an award-winning keyboardist (piano, synthesizer, organ), known best for his ability to combine the best of two worlds: skilled keyboard playing & tasteful sounds.

Throughout the years he has performed in major venues across Europe and for some of the finest (corporate) events.

You can find him involved in huge show productions being on stage with artists or doing demo shows for the music industry.

As a skilled studio musician and session player Robert adds his rich keyboard tonalities and sound programming ingenuity to music of all types and does session work for artists.

Robert is founder of the company NiteCrawlers
NiteCrawlers is a live music entertainment company specializing in the sports hospitality sector.
The company earned its prominent reputation by providing exceptional live entertainment and is highly recognized for their unique style & event experiences.

His company KayRo Music is a one stop solution for the music + event industry.
The company offers services & solutions across the following areas:
• Music Entertainment
• Music Journalism
• MI Consulting
• Music Education