I was born in 1986, embarked on a musical journey at the early age of five.
I was accepted to the Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory.

During the years in conservatory I focussed on the fretless guitar and studied with Erkan Oğur (who is the inventor of fretless guitar)

I worked with Kalan Müzik Studios as composer, arranger, music director, guitarist and sound engineer between 2010-2018.
I have recorded, edited and mixed hundreds of albums which are milestones in their own genre.

Simultaneously I worked as a video editor and content creator in a graphic company.

I have produced music for many TV series, movie soundtracks and have accompanied many talented artists with guitar on stage.

After all these experiments I had, I released my album “Aşktanbul” which consists of my own songs at the end of 2017.

I have moved to London and founded Panda Production London Ltd. Company in 2021.
Now we provide Music & Video Production and post production services from London to all over the world.

After a short period of conservatory training in Istanbul and Vienna (Opera, Jazz Singing), I completed my education in the School of Audio Engineering (SAE Wien) Austria 1993.

I’ve been working as a freelance recording and mixing engineer, sound designer for films and as a FOH engineer for various solo artists, bands and orchestras.

With the establishment of my first studio, in 2000, as a composer, I began to produce music for commercials, movies and TV Series.

With more than 25 years of experience as a sound engineer and composer in the music and film scene of Turkey, in parallel with my studio projects, I still continue to work for interdisciplinary live performances internationally.

I am currently living and working in London, UK.

Hello, my name is Larry. I specialize in remote sessions and offer incredible sounding percussion tracks at affordable rates. To date, I have competed over 1400 online sessions through various platforms. I have extensive credits in film/TV and have worked on projects ranging from the DIY artist to Walt Disney Studios. I offer a 100% guarantee.

I am comfortable in nearly all styles of music and treat each project as if it were my own.

I offer single instrument rates which start at $15 for songs up to four mins. Additionally I offer full build out / arrangement services which are for songs needing multiple percussion instruments, those rates start at $75 and typically include a minimum of five instruments (stems included) Best thing for an accurate rate is to send me your song and any specifics you may have for it.

I offer recording services on the following instruments (I do not offer drum set services)

Conga, bongo, castanets, doumbek, cajon, pandeiro, riq, tar,
timbales, djembe, talking  drum, udu, snare, roto toms, octobans, concert toms



Bells/Triangle. Bells from West Africa/South America and more.


Effect/quirky instruments: Gongs, cymbals, wind chimes, rainstick, Tibetan singing bowls, guiro, washboard, tuning forks, spoons, mouth harp, various tongue drums, elephant and ceremonial/ritualistic bells. electronic percussion and more.

Need the right skills and experience to take your project to the next level?
It’s my job to get to know your goals and find the perfect solution for you. Let’s talk!

Robert Karasek is an award-winning keyboardist (piano, synthesizer, organ), known best for his ability to combine the best of two worlds: skilled keyboard playing & tasteful sounds.

Throughout the years he has performed in major venues across Europe and for some of the finest (corporate) events.

You can find him involved in huge show productions being on stage with artists or doing demo shows for the music industry.

As a skilled studio musician and session player Robert adds his rich keyboard tonalities and sound programming ingenuity to music of all types and does session work for artists.

Robert is founder of the company NiteCrawlers
NiteCrawlers is a live music entertainment company specializing in the sports hospitality sector.
The company earned its prominent reputation by providing exceptional live entertainment and is highly recognized for their unique style & event experiences.

His company KayRo Music is a one stop solution for the music + event industry.
The company offers services & solutions across the following areas:
• Music Entertainment
• Music Journalism
• MI Consulting
• Music Education

I am a seasoned NYC/London French Horn session musician with a home recording studio able to provide you with clean and quality tracks for your project or song.

As a session musician, I have recorded on several movie soundtracks for Disney, Pixar, and Marvel and with artists such as Sir Paul McCartney, Mumford and Sons, Robbie Williams, and Josh Groban to name a few. I have played with nearly every major orchestra in the United Kingdom before starting a career in Broadway in NYC and have played in the pit for several Broadway shows and tours.

As a remote session musician, I have recorded dozens of tracks for artists of all types and genres; from folk/pop/jazz/gospel to Epic film and video game music. I can sight-read, transpose from a piano score, play by ear or improvise my own tracks.

My Equipment: I have two ribbon mics (which makes brass sounds extra warm) and one condenser mic and do all the processing in Logic Pro X. I can make your recording in either a very dry vocal booth, small room or large resonate barn. I can guarantee a smooth and clean recording, allowing you flexibility when you do your mixing and editing. I have a quick turn around and allow multiple revisions to make sure you are completely satisfied.

I am also a composer, arranger, orchestrator specializing in commercial work and orchestration. I can also help you with writing for French Horn if you feel like you need assistant with that.

I studied composition at Juilliard and Berklee. My horns studies were at the Guildhall School of Music and Royal Academy of Music (London).


Recipient of 2020 Arts Council and 2017 Women Make Music funding award from Performing Rights Society for Music Foundation UK, Olcay is an exciting, boundary-crossing, UK-based singer-songwriter, from Turkey, with a first-class band who deliver dynamic arrangements with roots in Anatolia, Mesopotamia and Balkans mixed with cosmopolitan London attitude. 

Most reviews of Olcay Bayir focus on her exquisite voice. Opera-trained in London but born in Turkey’s south not far from the Syrian border, Olcay’s soul is rooted in the deeply-emotional music of Anatolia, home of many peoples from Turks and Kurds to Armenians and Arabs, where music is highly-valued. From an early age Olcay has been singing and writing songs. Nominated as Best Newcomer in the Songlines Music Awards 2015 for her album Neva (Riverboat) with songs from Anatolia and middle east and the Balkans in languages as diverse, Olcay was described in The Guardian as “an impressive newcomer to London’s vibrant global music scene.” 

Olcay’s latest album “Ruya- Dream” released in April 2019, presents own contemporary songs blend elements of her musical traditions, as well as traditional songs of Anatolia and Mesopotamia and Mediterranean with arrangements that incorporate a range of influences, jazz, classical, and international sounds with powerful styling. Her sounds evoking atmospheres of both elation and haunting melancholy. 

Marito Marques is an accomplished session and touring drummer, composer, producer and a Grammy and Juno nominee (Canadian Grammy).
Marito currently lives in Toronto, Canada and is considered one of the most respected drummers in Europe and Canada, having performed World Tours with artists in the most diverse music genres including The Grammy Winners Ivan Lins, Carlos do Carmo (Fado Star), Donna Grantees (Prince), Jeff Coffin (Dave Mathews Band) Anna Maria Jopek, Jesse Cook, Gregoire Maret, Sara Tavares and many others.Marito is the owner of GMP Recording Studios and an international Yamaha and Zildjian Artist.

Marito records drums and percussion directly from his world class studio.

Trumpet player Los Angeles – with own recording studio – 33 years of major Pro experience in the LA studios brought to you via the internet, I also play Valve Trombone-Trombone parts and French Horn.

Trumpet player Los Angeles, Horn Sections, Flugelhorn, Piccolo Trumpet-like “Penny Lane”, Cornet, Trombone and French Horn. I write and arrange horn parts as well. I have great recording gear. Apogee Converters, API Brent Averil 312 mic pre’s, 2-AEA R84 ribbon mic’s, 1 Royer 101 ribbon mic, 3 Neumann condenser mic’s, Pro Tools 10 and a great sounding studio where I also hire sax, trombone, or classical french horn or tuba if needed.


I’m a multi-instrumentalist professional musician. I have been continuing my stage and studio works for nearly 20 years. I guarantee that I will provide you with the best quality service as soon as possible. I’ll prepare a demo for you before you buy it. If you like it, we will continue.

Regards ..