Composer - Arranger - Guitarist - Sound Engineer
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I was born in 1986, embarked on a musical journey at the early age of five. I was accepted to the Istanbul Technical University Turkish…

Flute and woodwind player with 20 years experience

Professional home studio set-up and professional level instruments. Ability to remotely record professional quality audio. Instruments: Flute, alto flute, piccolo, alto sax, clarinet, piano

Duduk Player
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I am a professional duduk player. I studied in İstanbul Technical University Turkish Music Conservatory. My genre is wide covering from middle eastern, Armenian and…

violin player
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Audio Engineer, Composer
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After a short period of conservatory training in Istanbul and Vienna (Opera, Jazz Singing), I completed my education in the School of Audio Engineering (SAE…

Attended online drum sessions for professional producers and songwriters

RealDrumSessions is a remote drum-recording service with a twist, aimed primarily at professional songwriters and producers. I work with clients in real-time live online sessions,…

Online hand percussion tracks, the DIY to Walt Disney Studios.

Hello, my name is Larry. I specialize in remote sessions and offer incredible sounding percussion tracks at affordable rates. To date, I have competed over…

Multi-instrumentalist: Cello, Violin, Double Bass, Sitar, String Arranger, etc

I have been working with many of the most renowned musicians from Argentina such as Pedro Aznar, Rodolfo Mederos, Mario Parmisano, Patricio Villarejo, Luis Salinas,…

We need various percussion sets, especially Middle Eastern instruments … Mid-tempo (can be between 80 and 120 bpm | Signatures are up to you) Different from what we heard in…

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