Multi-instrumentalist: Cello, Violin, Double Bass, Sitar, String Arranger, etc

I have been working with many of the most renowned musicians from Argentina such as Pedro Aznar, Rodolfo Mederos, Mario Parmisano, Patricio Villarejo, Luis Salinas,…

Violinist, music improviser
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Professional Violinist
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Guitarist, Composer, Singer, Arranger
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Composer (feature films, TV shows, theater, documentaries, podcasts, commercials), music producer, guitarist (6- and 7- string guitars, acoustic, electric, nylon and steel), and singer. Born…

Musician, Multi-instrumentalist, Steel Guitarist, Banjoist, Bassist, Dobroist, Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Producer

Whether it’s finding that perfect, singable melody or ripping a solo, my greatest joy is to serve the song. As a session player, I’ve recorded…

Bassist (acoustic, electric, fretless and synth), Arranger, Composer

Need bass? Look no further! Acoustic, Electric, fretless or synth. Bassist for The Four Brasil 2020, The Voice Brasil 2012, Frejat, Simone, Ivan Lins, Milton…