Bass Tracks (Electric, Fretless or Acoustic)

I will provide a top quality, groovy bass line for your song, regardless of genre. And I’ll spice it with a “brazilian flavor”, if the music calls for it. I will send you at least two bass line options for each song, so you can choose or edit them together to your taste. I will deliver a track within 24 hrs, but will conclude a bulk request (say 5 tracks) within 3 days.

Choose electric, fretless or acoustic basses, send me your song and have the bass tracks delivered to you with pristine quality within a day!
I have worked in this fashion for The Voice Brasil and The Four Brasil TV shows, as well as for artists from all over the globe, such as Avi Wisnia (Philadelphia, USA), Lokua Kansa (Kinshasa, Congo), Elsa Chapman (London, UK), Paul J. Riley (London, UK), Que Montana (Harare, Zimbabwe), Denise Reis (New York, USA) – to name a few.