Composer - Arranger - Guitarist - Sound Engineer
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I was born in 1986, embarked on a musical journey at the early age of five. I was accepted to the Istanbul Technical University Turkish…

guitarist, composer, arranger
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Hi! My name is Alex, and i am a composer, arranger (Multi instrumentalist) from Ukraine, Uzhhorod. Over 10 years – during this time I receive…

An all around musician
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A guitar player of 20 years who has studied and played everything from jazz to prog to country to bluegrass and contemporary rock styles.  Also…

Guitarist, Composer, Singer, Arranger
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Composer (feature films, TV shows, theater, documentaries, podcasts, commercials), music producer, guitarist (6- and 7- string guitars, acoustic, electric, nylon and steel), and singer. Born…

guitarist, session guitar, electric/ acoustic, bass, pedal steel, banjo, dobro, mandolin

Session guitarist from the Netherlands, specialized in Country, Americana, Rock, Pop, Soul, Funk, Cinematic music, Indie etc. I play electric & acoustic guitars, bass guitar,…

Session Musician, Composer, Audio Engineer
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Hi, I’m Mali Akpolat. I’ve been a session musician since 2005. I’ve performed alongside many bands and artists with my acoustic and electric guitar both…

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Mauro Mariano was born on July 29, 1994 and raised in Nola (NA). His earliest musical influence was an old recording of Django Reinhardt which…


On his professional career he accompanied many wellknown artist with concerts and in studios. As an conductor he took part in important concerts and projects.…